Endeavour II’s Brief History

The Bold Idea to Build a Sloop – Endeavour II

Launching November 2013

The idea to build a traditional-lines sloop started early in the new century, based upon the vision of Foxy Callwood and friends, the enthusiastic support of local residents, and the boat building gusto of Kevin Gray.  Although there was strong interest in reflecting the lines of the sloops of yore, the conversations ended with a few not-so traditional goals:

  • To use the construction as a teaching opportunity for island youth in the use of modern construction methods;
  • To use the boat as a floating, performing icon of the heroic and economically important maritime heritage of the island and all small Caribbean islands;
  • To name the sloop Endeavour II, honoring a sloop that served JVD in the mid-1900’s
  • To serve as a unique platform for educational programmes in sailing and marine environmental protection;
  • To build a boat that met modern safety standards; and,
  • To build a ‘blue water’ capable boat for touring the Caribberan to celebrate the sailing heritage of Jost van Dyke and the BVI

With these goals in mind, several details were further developed:

  • The sloop would be 32 feet – dubbed a JVD32 class boat
  • While capturing the above-water traditional lines, to sloop would be designed with a slicker bottom in order to achieve a fast, better handling sloop;
  • The sloop would be all wood with a fiberglass coating to minimize maintenance and increase durability
  • The sloop would have an engine for safety and flexibility.

A Canadian naval architect developed a set of lines plans for the hull from an initial set of sketches developed by Kevin Gray and JVD island residents.

Once construction started in the ‘way back’ at Foxy’s Bar in Great Harbour – one of the few decent spots on the island – the sloop has already served several purposes:

  • Over 8000 hours of youth labor-in-training have been applied – primarily Jost van Dyke youth, but also youth from Tortola;
  • Custom hardware for the hull’s structure were made in the BVI High School shop class;
  • Several ‘Outstanding student Recognition Trips’ sponsored by the BVI Education Department came to see and hear about sailing heritage;
  • It is a site for marine heritage and environmental education for the local primary school.

Today we are approaching the long-sought launch.  Between scheduling labor, including some critical volunteer contributions, and managing our donors funds, the sloop moves forward, approaching its ‘splash’ into Great Harbour in November 2013.

Special Thanks to Our Critical Early Supporters

Throughout this project we have received a wide range of support; but we are especially thankful for those early supporters who made it possible for us to begin, including:

  • Kenny Chesney
  • Conch Charters
  • The Corinthian Yacht Club
  • Glen Ashmore
  • Kevin Gray
  • Chuck Handy
  • HIHO – BVI
  • Jim Kelley
  • McDonnell Marine
  • Necker Island Resort
  • Evelyn and Chris Nye
  • The Soggy Dollar Bar
  • The Saint Thomas Yacht Club