The Jost van Dyke Environmental Profile was completed as part of a community-based project funded primarily by the Overseas Territory Environmental Programme of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.  Click Here for the Executive Summary or Here for the Full Profile (quite large!).


“JVD Newsletter Wildlife Matters”

Stories appearing in the BVI Welcome Magazine:

” A Virgin Islands Sea Trek” Since 2009, JVDPS has been running youth outdoor environmental education programmes. Learn about our efforts to build a local dive and sail training programme for Jost Van Dyke Island.

The Virgin Islands’ WILD Night life” Think the only night life on JVD and in the BVI is at places like Foxy’s and Bomba Shack? Learn about the native wildlife you might encounter after dark.

Water bird Article

Frigate bird Tracking

Sandy Cay

Stories appearing in All At Sea: The Caribbean’s Waterfront Magazine:

“What to do if you hook a Seabird” Going fishing during your BVI holiday? Learn about our efforts to protect seabirds and what to do if you accidentally hook a bird.

“Launching Endeavour II”By Todd Van Sickle Article about the JVD 32 Island Sloop Endeavour II built by JVDPS right in Foxy’s Backyard.

“A Mighty Endeavour” A story about the building of Endeavour II prior to the November 2013 launch.

“Batteries Not Included” Cruising with kids or just vacationing with family and want to get away from screens for a few days? Here are some tips on outdoor activities that you can develop for your children with the simple aid of a field guide and a few easy to obtain materials.

“Pigs might not fly but cows once sailed on Jost Van Dyke”  Did you know that JVD used to have a booming cattle industry?  Learn here how it was tied to our maritime heritage.

“Jost Van Dyke’s Home-made Boating Tradition: Learn about “Bato” the little galvanised tin and wood boats that JVDislanders once built and JVDPS’ maritime heritage revival project a few years ago.

Stories appearing in ZiNG Lime:

Caribbean Bird Watch Winter

Stories appearing in the The BVI Yacht & Property Guide