Become a Sponsor and Help Build Our Momentum

Do you care about Jost van Dyke and its future?  Of course you do; and the Preservation Society is working every day to ensure that the island’s special nature is appreciated, respected and protected.

Since 2008, the JVDPS has been expanding its programs to capture the island’s unique characteristics and to educate its youth in caring and preserving their home island.  With the support of early donors, large and small, and the tireless effort of our staff, we are building the momentum that is needed to succeed in our never-ending mission.

Our success creates new opportunities and demands.  Each project opens new doors for the island and its youth.  Acting as a catalyst for research and education,  we find and bring to JVD talent and funds from around the world which serve our mission and the youth of JVD.

Today, to keep that momentum going, we need your support.

Today, to add more depth to our programmes, we need your support.

Supporting the JVDPS is a way that you can have a unique, positive impact on a special place in the Caribbean.  You can be sure of our focus and commitment based on our track record.  Your support leverages foundation and government grants, demonstrating that many people support our mission.  – don’t you want to do that?  That’s what we can do for you!  As us about programme areas and needs before you donate so that we can make sure your donation fits into an area that is right for you!

To make a financial donation:

In the BVI

Call Susan at (284) 496-0861 or mail check to JVDPS, Great Harbour, Jost Van Dyke, VG 1160

In the United States

For U.S. Taxpayers, we have established a U.S.  501(C)3 not-for-profit.  Please mail checks to JVDPS, inc.  C/o Jay Kreitler, CPA, 326 First Street 37B, Annapolis, MD 21403.

Donations can also be made online through our Paypal Account


And Something for You in Thanks!
When you make a donation of at least $20, Foxy will personally sign a photo for you for your Jost van Dyke memories; and we will also send you a copy of the Environmental Profile Abridgement for great insights into the island.  Look for it in your mail!