Starting the New Year, Our Heritage Sloop is Ready for Service

The Jost Van Dykes Preservation Society (JVDPS) is committed to protecting key elements of the island’s culture and environment for the future generations of all people, to see, to feel, and to understand.  Our newly christened heritage sloop, Endeavour II, sets the stage for more exciting marine education in sailing and the environment for visitors and BVI youth.

In this new year the sloop has already been certified by the BVI Ship Registry and is beginning a life of daysails for visitors and on-board educational programs for youth.  With our floating classroom, our skills and course materials will be available throughout the BVI as we build partnerships with businesses and community groups in the territory.

The launch and christening of our heritage sloop, Endeavour II, opens a wonderful door of opportunity for JVD youth and visitors alike.  Launched on November 25th there are more details at the Maritime Heritage page; and latest pictures appear on our facebook page.

In parallel we are further bolstering our committment to offering environmental education activities. JVDPS staffer and JVD native Lorraine completed the ITC Scuba Instructor certification and is already taking students into the deep on her own; enabling our diving programme to be self-sustaining.

Our partnership with the BVI National Parks Trust stays strong into 2014, with a major emphasis on the effective protection of Great Tobago Island.  We look forward to our upcoming seabird tracking project with the University of Liverpool and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.